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Membership Rules:

Members must be 18 years old or older.

=================== PLEASE READ ==================
Because of too many spammers attempting to register, I've had to ban certain email addresses (such as hotmail, gmail and many more). If you get a message saying you have been banned when you attempt to register - that is why. Try using an alternative email. If you don't have an alternative email, email me and I can work around it.

New members must make at least 1 post within 14 days of registering, otherwise you're history.
A good place to start is the Introduction area. Maybe post a short message about yourself.

No URL advertising allowed in signature lines. No advertising of your website or requests for referrals or affiliate type programs. However, feel free to put your blog or website url in your Profile.

Write in normal English - not SMS text.

Stay on topic. If you feel yourself wanting to drift off-topic - just start a new thread.

No excessive use of profanity.

No confrontational topics such as religion or politics. The internet is a big place - you should be able to find other places to stir the pot.

No hate, racism, vulgar posts allowed.

Be careful in choosing your Username and password. They are case-sensitive. Certain names and symbols are not allowed in usernames.

No unnecessary graphics in posts.

No graphics or URLs allowed in signature line.

No advertising allowed. That means no ads. And yes, that even means no advertising of your upcoming yardsale. Kapish?

Don't say anything that you wouldn't say to someone if you were talking face to face.

No typing in ALL CAPS. That includes no typing in all caps for titles of new posts. Typing in all caps comes across as yelling. I understand there are times when you may want to capitalize a few words here or there for effect.

I have the right to change/adjust/modify the rules at any time and for any reason because I said so. Remember, it's not a democracy, it's a monarchy.

YES, I agree to abide by the rules above. I have read everything above and understand. I particularly understand the stuff that is underlined above about why certain email addresses have been banned. Take me to the awesome message board.

No thanks. I don't deserve to be a member of such an awesome message board.
Even though membership is free, donations are always welcomed using Paypal.

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